Chinese Food Restaurants This is a must try

Want to travel to Singapore? 5 Chinese Food Restaurants This is a must try

Already have a ticket to travel to Singapore? There is definitely a schedule to enter the event so it is important to miss. And for culinary options, Singapore offers a row of places with a delicious menu of Chinese food. Want to know the most okay guidance to eat the most delicious Chinese dishes? Check out the following list!

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1. Summer Pavilion

This resto is located in the elite area of Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore Hotel, where you can enjoy Cantonese cuisine in a modern Chinese garden setting restaurant. The delicious Menu that you should try here is the Cantonese-style double boiled soup, abalone, and poached rice with lobster. Also satisfy your own passion by eating some delicious dim sum during the lunch.

Location: 7 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039799

2. Man Fu Yuan

Man Fu Yuan
Man Fu Yuan

Enjoy the delicacy of the exquisite miso fish dish with baked cod that is decorated with miso and shoyu and given the Japanese Mayo, then put on the wok fried egg white. In addition, Tiger prawn vermicelli also cannot be missed, which is very rich in flavor. Anyway you will be pampered with Cantonese cuisine that has an interesting twist!

Location: Intercontinental Hotel Singapore, 80 Middle Road

3. Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck-Paragon, Singapore

If you want a super delicious Beijing style roasted duck, this restaurant is the purpose of it. The skin is crisp and not oily, traditionally presented. But remember, you have to pre-order first before enjoying this delicious duck okay! In addition to Peking Duck, you also have to try Lobster with caviar, sautéed crab claw, and salted egg yolk baby Lobster.

Location: 290 Orchard Road, PARAGON, #05-42/45, Singapore

4. Lokkee

Lokkee is a contemporary Chinese fusion restaurant that will menyuguhkanmu the most favorite and popular Chinese cuisine. The Menu that you must try is Flaming Pineapple Beef is braised beef that is inserted into the fruit of the pineapple that is being burned. Quirky and Super delicious! The Chinese bun is also delicious-tasty, tender and light, with a type of stuffing that is no less delicious one of them is spicy fried chicken with spicy gochujang.

Location: 68 Orchard Road #03-01, Plaza, Singapore

5. Jumbo Seafood-East Coast Seafoo Centre, Singapore

Jumbo Seafood-East Coast Seafoo Centre, Singapore
Jumbo Seafood-East Coast Seafoo Centre, Singapore

This restaurant is well-known throughout Singapore because of its really good seafood dish. All you have to try is chilli crab, soft and thick crab meat and wrapped in the same abundant spicy sweet sauce that will surely make your tongue water drip. The alternative is not less delicious is black pepper crab, salted egg prawns, and crispy fried baby squid.

Location: #01, 1206 ECP, 07/08 East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore